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Red Design is a digital design project focused on small businesses that serve a focused customer base. The internet is a sales and communication channel that puts all business owners on a level playing field regardless of size. It is our mission to make the internet a useful tool for the entrepreneur.

Our Inspiration.

In the spirit of "standing on the shoulders of giants", we recognize that we are building on the great body of work of our predecessors and colleagues. We are also inspired by the lives of three individuals, in particular. We strive to live up their examples of bravery, compassion and dedication to the greater good.

Abraham Lincoln.


The 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln is more than an iconic figure in the history of the country. Serious study of Lincoln reveals a remarkably sensitive human being who was thrust into cataclysmic events of his young country. Although history proves him to be a uniquely gifted politician, philosopher and leader, Lincoln was arguably one of the least prepared men for the office and for the challenge.  Read more…

Margaret Moth. margaret_moth_capture

It's hard to find someone more personally courageous and dedicated to her profession than Margaret Moth. The dangerous demands of her job as a photojournalist in war zones underscore her indomitable will, but also serve as a model for those of us who live less extreme lives. It's easy to admire Moth for her courage as some sort of superhero, but we think the life she lived gives the rest of us important lessons for fulfillment in our lives.  Read more…

Viktor Frankl.


Through his book Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl has had a profound and lasting effect on our view of life and how to conduct oneself. Frankl was an accomplished neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust. It is his diligent work to help his fellow inmates in the concentration camps and his fellow men afterwards, that his lasting and precious gift to the rest of us.  Read more…

Who We Are.

Red Design is a digital design project founded by Maine based engineer Paul Friedman. Our purpose is to make extensive engineering, information technology and management skills available to small businesses, emerging ventures and charitable organizations.

The growth of digital technologies gives access to communities and markets with increasing reach and clarity. Red Design taps into a broad community of professionals to help clients realize their vision. Red Design delivers your brand to the web and allows you to focus on the business mission without the distractions of digital technologies. At Red Design we build web sites that present your business in a simple, clear and aesthetically pleasing way.

Our Process.

We use a unique combination Systems Engineering and Agile Development methodologies. Systems Engineering is a methodical approach that ensures an understanding of client requirements, both stated and implied. Agile Development permits an emergent design through a continuing collaboration between designer and client. The combination of methods ensures a complete, well documented site that is poised to grow with the business it supports.

Our Mission.

At Red Design we recognize that we are "standing on the shoulders of giants" in the world of digital design. We constantly seek to learn and use our growing knowledge to your advantage. Red Design is progressive in outlook. We believe mankind is advancing to a better world and we must do our part to achieve it. Our mission is to enrich the community through helpful application of rapidly evolving capabilities of science and technology.

Our Latest Ramblings.

Opinions and observations from the world of digital design, ship building, corporate culture, rural living in the great north and motorcycle racing.

April 4, 2015

Digitizing the Real World

The exponential growth of digital technologies makes the entire field a breeding ground for "disruptive technologies" that combine to change the way we view the world and conduct our lives. Three technologies that we have had some recent experience with can be organized into one category due to their synergistic effect. The combined effect of 3D Scanning, 3D Printing and 3D Projection makes the sum of the technologies disruptive. Read more…

April 5, 2015


The ability to model the real world is of particular interest to us at Red Design. We learned our trade designing complex systems that were hard, if not impossible, to assess while in development. Over the years the ability to model systems as the design evolves has become increasingly useful…

One of the next challenges that has so far eluded us is an adequate model of the engineering process, itself. Although we use all these fancy technologies to analyze the end product, we still use an engineering process that has its roots in the industrial age…

Based on our research and a short course at MIT we think the study of Systems Dynamics holds promise. Read more…

April 5, 2015

Changing Corporate Culture

The advantages to working in large corporations aren't as great as they once were. The days of career stability and loyalty between company and employee are largely over. Once part of an implied contract, the concepts almost seem quaint these days. One unexpected benefit though, is the ability to watch the world in microcosm. Read more…

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