Red Design Digital Transformation Projects

Use Technology to your Advantage

Model Based Production

The focus of MBP is delivering work instruction digitally, graphically and ultimately holographically to all phases of manufacturing.

Although similar in concept, MBP is broader in scope than more common Model Based Manufacturing intitatives. This project focuses on the foundations required to realize MBP.

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Augmented Reality Work Instruction

AR Work Instruction is the first step to achieve Model Based Production by expanding the digital design environment from the back office to the shop floor.

The emergence of fully capable digital design tools has revolutionized engineering, design, planning and supply chain, but the translation of design into work instruction for manufacturing has been left behind. These projects focus on bridging that gap.

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Digital Twins

The Digital Twin concept is an integral part of the Industry 4.0 vision for industrial evolution. It is the culmination of digital design, connected machines and pervasive networks.

The vision for Digital Twins is comprehensive and powerful, but the barriers to adoption can be daunting. These projects focus on identifying and eliminating the technical, financial and social challenges.

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Convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology

Convergence of IT and OT is another foundation of the Industry 4.0 vision. The convergence addresses the collision of smart machines and connected products with traditional back office IT.

Important distinctions between data used to run the companies that design and build products and data used to operate products is rapidly disappearing. These projects evaluate the implications and potential of this convergence.

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Control of Complex Systems

Unlike complicated systems, complex systems are defined by dynamic interactions between system components that are interdependent, numerous and usually tightly coupled. These characterisitcs can give rise to emergent, unexpected system behavior.

System connectivity and automation have led to unprecedented growth of complex systems with seemingly unpredictable behavior. These projects test the application of of System Dynamics theories to predict and manage complex social and technical ssytems.

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