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Green Sun Alternative Energy Solutions

Founded in 2008, Green Sun was launched with the goal of providing affordable alternative energy solutions to Mainers in residential and commercial settings. These solutions currently include solar thermal (hot water) and photovoltaic (solar electric).

In addition to working with their customers, Green Sun believes strongly that giving back to the community is the responsibility of all businesses. Through their workshops with high school students interested in alternative energy technologies, and the donation of time and resources to non-profit organizations, Green Sun works to support and enhance the community.

Green Sun's challenges and needs are common to small entrepreneurial companies in rapidly growing market segments. The owners had a strong understanding of their business dynamics and technologies and a passion for their mission. Although savvy technologists who understand the internet, they are a small team and choose to focus on their primary mission of alternative energy instead of web design. In 2010 Red Design stepped in to create a simple, clear web site to accelerate their growth. Although the site represents one of our earliest efforts it is an effective and attractive site.

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