Viktor Frankl.

Our main motivation for living is our will to find meaning in life.


Through his book Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl has had a profound and lasting effect on our view of life and how to conduct oneself.

Frankl was an accomplished neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust. It is his diligent work to help his fellow inmates in the concentration camps and his fellow men afterwards, that is his lasting and precious gift to the rest of us.  

Frankl accomplished much and published extensively. Two core themes of his work resound strongly with us. These conclusions have influenced us and have been reinforced by our experience: 

Human Races - Frankl believed that even within the narrow boundaries of the concentration camps he found only two races of men to exist: decent and unprincipled ones. These were to be found in all classes, ethnicity, and groups. 

Meaning of Life - Frankl concluded that the lack of meaning in one's life is the paramount existential stress. He founded the Logotherapy school of psychotherapy. The concept is based on the premise that the primary motivational force of an individual is to find a meaning in life.

Logotherapy proposes:  (1) Life has meaning under all circumstances, even the most miserable ones. (2) Our main motivation for living is our will to find meaning in life. (3) We have freedom to find meaning in what we do, and what we experience, or at least in the stand we take when faced with a situation of unchangeable suffering.  

We can discover meaning in life in three different ways: By doing a good deed, by experiencing love – in nature, a work of art, another person, or by suffering. Frankl emphasized that realizing the value of suffering is meaningful only when the first two creative possibilities are not available.

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